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We search the world for the best and brightest candidates. They go through a rigorous screening process and comprehensive Community Management Training (CMT) before being moved into our vetted pool. Only the top 3% are available for your consideration.

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We bring you full-time remote professionals ready to help you provide unmatched customer service while preventing occupational burnout for your existing team. Satisfied staff, satisfied customers.

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By helping you find, hire, and manage productive and reliable remote staff, our ultimate single platform lets you and your team focus on building and expanding your business easily and efficiently.

How Top Community Association Management Companies Utilize Our Satellite Teams

How a Remote Maintenance Supervisor Enhanced Resident Satisfaction For A Community Association Management Company

A North Carolina-based association management company was facing a growing challenge–a backlog of maintenance requests and community facilities that leave residents unhappy. In their pursuit of finding a solution, they decided to hire Alex, a maintenance supervisor experienced in managing maintenance operations remotely. Alex implemented a comprehensive maintenance plan that prioritized the needs of the residents.

Through remote monitoring and collaboration tools, he coordinated with on-site maintenance teams, vendors, and residents to address maintenance issues immediately. He also introduced a streamlined remote request system, ensuring timely response to resident concerns. Over time, the company witnessed a significant shift in resident satisfaction. The once-frustrated residents are now ecstatic with the well-maintained amenities and efficient maintenance operations.

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CAM Professionals Remotely

Customer Service Associate

L. Aldino


L. offers a solid background in customer service with over 8 years of experience working with companies in the US, UK, and Australia. Having worked across various industries, including telecommunications, L. is well-versed in taking client inquiries, addressing customer needs, and providing exceptional support to ensure client satisfaction.


As a dedicated customer service professional, L. excels in understanding and resolving customer inquiries and issues in a timely and efficient manner. L. is also adept in maintaining good client relationships but utilizing customer service softwares such as Zendesk Support, Zoho, and Salesforce Service Cloud.


Starting his career as a customer service representative at a retail chain in his home country, L. quickly developed strong communication and problem-solving skills. His commitment to delivering outstanding customer support led to promotions, leading him to become a Senior Customer Service Associate responsible for assisting and mentoring newly hired team members.

Senior Accountant

A. Patel


With over 12 years of experience up her sleeve, A. has developed a diverse background serving in various industries such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. A. has a demonstrated expertise in helping companies maintain their financial health efficiently and compliantly.


A. specializes in financial analysis, budgeting, and financial reporting. Her attention to detail and analytical skills enables A. to conduct precise audits, provide accurate financial insights, navigate complex tax codes, forecasting financial performance, and more. A. is also proficient in using advanced accounting software such as SAP and Oracle.


A. embarked on her accounting journey as a staff accountant at a reputable healthcare organization and eventually progressed to roles with increasing responsibilities. Her results-driven nature helped her snag a senior position where she has successfully overseen complex financial operations, collaborated with cross-functional teams, and played a pivotal role in financial strategy development.

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