Hire The World

We’re on a mission to connect businesses of all sizes to
high-performing remote rockstars around the globe.

Cultivating A New
World of Work

Satellite Teams opens up a new world of global employment. We’re here to provide growing businesses like yours easy access to vetted talent from all around the world with our full-service direct hiring process.

Matt Martin


Macky Samaco


Geryll Pastor

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Rubin

VP, Business Development 

Janine Caparos

Head of Marketing

Edsel Andre Silo

Head of Technology

Geraldine "Jing" Sabinay

Global HR Head

Dennis Chapham

Director, Client Services

Kellianne Fedio

Director, Client Services

Diane David

Business Development Associate

Jose Allen Cantos​


Glenn Noval

Operations Manager

Beatrice Narvasa

Talent Acquisition Lead

Luis Ligason

Talent Acquisition Lead

Manuel Flores

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Cesar Ortega

Business Development Associate

Nyssa Reyes

Sr. Marketing Specialist

Wel Masiclat​

Sr. Multimedia Designer

Jhenelyn Tilla-In

Comp & Ben Specialist – PH 

Maria Elena Ponce

HR Generalist – LATAM

John Syrell Gayares

Full Stack Developer 

Rachel Bacarra

Front End Developer

Ghenry Barbaza

Quality Assurance

Maitha Teodoro

Quality Assurance

Building A Collaborative Environment Across Borders

Satellite Teams takes pride in building a distinctive company culture of quality that goes beyond borders.

Through our rigorous screening process, we help you find top caliber global talent to help bring your company to the next level.

Passion for Excellence

Result-Driven To Add Value

Integrity That Produces Trust

Distinctiveness That Promotes Spirit of Collaboration

Empowerment That Propels Ownership

Where We Work

How It Works

STEP 1:Define Your

We work with you to understand what success looks like for your growing company. This way, we can help you define the exact role you need to help you achieve your business goals.

STEP 2:Match From Our Vetted Talent Pool

Once we identify your requirements, we meticulously match you with the right candidate and schedule an interview at your convenience. Our candidates undergo a rigorous screening process so only the top 3% of applicants will be available for you.

STEP 3:Select Your
Ideal Hire

The choice for the best candidate is yours. Once you select your ideal hire, the talent will directly report to you while we take care of all the onboarding, HR administration, local compliances, benefits management, payroll, and taxation.

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