At Satellite Teams, our easy-to-use platform gives you access to the world’s best legal talent and the tools to manage them efficiently all in one place.

Work with the World’s Top Legal Talent

We bring you experienced and industry-trained legal talent that ensures your firm will stay above the legal talent war and deliver effective legal solutions, excellent customer service, and a high level of expertise and professionalism.

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Hassle-Free Sourcing

Whether you’re looking for an experienced lien negotiator or a team-player paralegal, you’ll find them all in a flash on our platform powered by smart talent-matching technology.

Easily Increase Your Cost Savings

Satellite Teams makes it easy to work with talent from anywhere in the world, leading to cost savings, increased productivity, convenient operational scaling, and more.

Get Talent with Guaranteed Experience and Training

On top of having years of experience, at Satellite Teams we also deploy a full suite of legal-specific screening tools and training modules to ensure our talent meets the highest industry standards.

What Leading Businesses 
Say About Us

Satellite Teams helped me find the talent I needed to streamline our legal firm’s workload while reducing our overall costs. This has also allowed me to stay ahead of our competition.

AZ-based, Law Firm Supervisor

Your Next Legal Rockstar Is Just A Few Clicks Away

Talk to us today to find out how your law firm can benefit from hiring a world-class remote legal talent.

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