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At Satellite Teams, we provide you access to the most sought-after real estate global talent seamlessly through our ultimate single platform.

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We specialize in bringing you industry trained remote rockstars dedicated to help your business grow in the highly demanding field of real estate.



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Through our platform’s innovative technology, you can access the most sought-after real estate talent and filter them by job roles, years of experiences, seniority levels, locations, language proficiency, your budget, and more.

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Talent Pool And
Cost Savings

Satellite Teams lets you hire top tier candidates anywhere in the world which makes not just your talent pool infinitely wider, but also your cost options.

Simplify Your
Global Expansion

With our full-service process, you don’t have to worry about the headaches of global expansion. We’ll take care of regulatory compliance, labor laws, taxes, payroll, benefits management, and HR so you don’t have to.


We help you increase your team’s efficiency with full-time, dedicated remote professionals.


We provide you with high-performing global talent at a fraction of the cost.


Our full-service hiring process lets you hire remote staff hassle-free and risk-free.

What Leading Businesses 
Say About Us

After working with Satellite Teams for a few months, I must say that I am impressed. My Satellite Team Members have helped me close some deals and did a great job handling the contracts and negotiations. I highly recommend them!

JACK JONES, Greystone Management Group

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