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How A Leading Beauty Brand Revitalized Their Online Presence
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A leading beauty brand found itself navigating the complexities of social media management amidst ever-evolving trends and consumer expectations. Recognizing the need for specialized expertise, they seeked the help of Jessica, a remote social media manager experienced in enhancing the digital presence of international beauty and cosmetic brands.

Her responsibilities included crafting compelling social media campaigns, ensuring brand messaging coherence across platforms, and implementing data-driven strategies to optimize audience reach and interaction. This approach and creative finesse not online boosted the brand's engagement metrics, but also increased brand loyalty and online conversations about their products.

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Multimedia Specialist

Y. Marcello


A dynamic multimedia design specialist with a comprehensive portfolio spanning over 5 years, specializing in crafting visually captivating content for the beauty and cosmetics industry. Y. is experienced in working with beauty brands in the US and is recognized for her ability to translate brand essence into compelling multimedia assets that resonate with a diverse range of target audiences.


Y.'s creative talent is showcased through her proficiency in industry-leading design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, ensuring the seamless execution of multimedia projects. Beyond technical skills, she brings an artistic touch to her work, incorporating trend analysis, market research, and a deep understanding of consumer insights into her designs.


Y. began her creative journey as a graphic designer for a local cosmetic brand in the Philippines. After a few years, she switched to a remote work setting, serving as a multimedia specialist for a beauty brand based in San Francisco, California. Y. was recognized for her outstanding work, contributing a notable 30% increase in social media engagement by providing her eye-catching visuals.

E-Commerce Manager

D. Garcia


A seasoned e-commerce specialist with 7 years of working experience. Specializing in online retail strategies for beauty and cosmetics, D. has played a pivotal role in optimizing the digital shopping experience for companies and consumers in North America. Having worked with both established and emerging beauty brands, D. is well-versed in leveraging technology and market trends to drive sales growth.


D. possesses a comprehensive skill set in e-commerce, ranging from website optimization and product merchandising, to implementing effective digital marketing strategies. Proficient in platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, D. ensures seamless and user-friendly online shopping experiences. He is also an expert in analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.


D. started out his career as a junior sales representative, but found his passion for e-commerce when he began serving a leading retail organization. Working his way up the ladder by implementing successful retail strategies, D. is now an e-commerce manager spearheading initiatives for a cosmetic brand. By optimizing the website, implementing targeted promotions, and enhancing the overall customer journey, D. plays a key role in elevating the brand's market competitiveness.

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