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How A Full-Time Remote Audit Manager Elevated A Rising Accounting Firm’s Auditing Services

Everything was going great with a leading New York-based public accounting firm, until they faced a surge in audit complexities due to a number of reasons. Since the firm prides themselves in their high quality audit services, the organization seeked out James, a remote audit manager to help them develop a more efficient approach to their dilemma.

James’ expertise in managing the entire audit process, including developing plans to address identified risks has helped the firm tremendously. In just a few months, the firm saw a spike in their audit quality, improvement on efficiency, and increased client satisfaction. Clients appreciated the professionalism brought by James which helped them foster a sense of trust in the firm’s audit capabilities.

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Data Analyst

G. Adrino


G. is a seasoned data analyst with a robust track record spanning over 7 years. He has demonstrated his expertise in handling complex data sets and providing actionable insights. G. has worked for accounting firms all over North America where he utilized his skills in understanding the financial dynamics in the region.


With a results-oriented attitude, G. is known to prioritize providing accuracy, efficiency, and timely insights. He is also proficient in data cleansing, validation, and analysis, and is adept at utilizing Python, R, SQL. His proficiency extends to industry-specific software such as Quickbooks, Yardi, and MRI.


G. started his career as a data analyst for a Chicago accounting firm where he showcased his solid talent in extracting insights from financial data. As his career progressed, G. became a senior data analyst directing multiple juniors under his wing while overseeing the end-to-end data analysis process for a diverse portfolio of clients.

Senior Accountant

A. Rodriguez


A. is your go-to person for client relationships, with 8 years of expertise in cultivating and nurturing connections with leads and clients in the public accounting space. With a background in financial services, A. has mastered the art of understanding client needs and delivering tailored solutions to ensure client satisfaction.


A. is known as a client whisperer with her exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. She is proficient at handling, maintaining, and nurturing successful client relationships as well as generating quality leads. A. has hands-on training in utilizing CRM tools such as SAP, Zoho CRM, and HubSpot to make the sales process efficient, and is always updated with industry trends through comprehensive market and competitor research.


A. became a trusted account executive after proving her passion in making clients feel valued and understood. She is now overseeing a portfolio of clients for a reputable public accounting firm and has driven business growth by up to 20% by upselling and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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