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How Top Furniture Brands Utilize Our Satellite Teams

How A Remote Customer Success Representative Boosted The Client Satisfaction Rate of An LA-Based Furniture Business

With the increasing demand of their services, a prominent furniture business realized they needed a helping hand in ensuring their exclusive customer base are well taken care of. Seeking to maintain their reputation for outstanding customer support, the LA-based firm enlisted the expertise of Emily, a remote customer success representative with a proven track record in nurturing and maintaining great client relationships.

Her role involved communicating with high profile clients, addressing customer concerns, educating them on product usage, collecting customer feedback, and more. Utilizing Emily’s tailored, customer-centric approach, the furniture brand experienced a notable improvement not just in their clients’' satisfaction, but also in their sales goals which solidified the brand’s reputation in the furniture space even more.

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Accounting Lead

J. Tomas


J. is a seasoned accounting professional with over 7 years of dedicated experience working with reputable businesses across the United States. Throughout his career, J. has honed his skills in managing comprehensive financial transactions, ensuring accurate record-keeping, and providing insightful financial analysis.


J. is recognized for his meticulous attention to detail, making him a go-to professional for complex financial problem-solving. He is proficient in utilizing financial applications such as QuickBooks and SAP to ensure a streamlined and efficient accounting process. J. also demonstrated exceptional communication skills, leading to seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.


J. began his career as a staff auditor where he was able to sharpen his analytical talent until he moved on to become a junior accountant. But in his most recent role, J. served as the remote lead accountant for a prominent brand in Michigan, where he played a pivotal role in optimizing financial operations contributing to a 15% reduction in expenses.

2D/3D Drafter

K. Livelo


K. is a highly skilled 2D/3D drafter with a specialized focus on the furniture industry. He brings over 6 years of expertise to the table, a solid foundation in design principles, and a keen eye for detail. K. has been a valuable part of translating creative concepts into detailed and precise drafts for furniture manufacturing.


Known for his thorough approach to design, K. excels in using industry-standard software such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks to create accurate 2D and 3D drafts. He is also proficient in spatial visualization, bringing furniture concepts to life through realistic renderings and ensuring the designs align with both aesthetic and functional requirements.


Advancing from his early roles in drafting and design, K. most recently served as the junior 2D/3D drafter for a furniture brand in Utah. He played a pivotal role in transforming conceptual designs into production-ready drafts, which contributed to a streamlined manufacturing process. Notable achievements include reducing design-to-production timelines by 20%.

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