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Hiring the world is not an easy feat. Let our country explorer be your comprehensive guide on labor laws, regulatory risks, and compliance nightmares when working with a global workforce.


Capital: Ottawa
Currency: Canadian dollar ($, CAD)
Official Languages: English, French

Hong Kong

Capital: Victoria
Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HK$, HKD)
Official Languages: Chinese, English


Capital: New Delhi
Currency: Indian rupee (₹, INR)
Official Languages: English, Hindi, and 22 Regional Languages


Capital: Jerusalem
Currency: Israeli new shekel (₪, ILS)
Official Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English


Capital: Warsaw
Currency: Polish złoty (zł, PLN)
Official Languages: Polish

United States

Capital: Washington, D.C.
Currency: United States Dollar ($, USD)
Official Languages: English

United Kingdom

Capital: London
Currency: Pound sterling (£, GBP)
Official Languages: English


Capital: Hanoi
Currency: Vietnamese đồng
Official Languages: Vietnamese

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