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Difference Between Satellite Teams vs. Independent Contractors

As an employer, you have the freedom to choose among the endless global talent engagement options available in today’s competitive labor market. Of course, you can always go with the cheapest approach if your goal is the save cost—much like most of the companies that outsource talent. But you never really know what potential risks may come up in the future.

So if you want to ensure you make the right decision and minimize any risks that can be associated with international talent, its best to weigh each option based on your company’s needs, resources, and goals.

In this article, we’ll help you evaluate the real cost when you tap independent contractors vs. hiring with Satellite Teams. This way, you can decide which talent engagement strategy will be the best option for you company.


Disadvantages Associated with Hiring Independent Contractors

Agreement Disputes.
Hiring independent contractors can lead to the lack of safety surrounding agreements between you and the independent contractor, leading to labor court disputes.

Lack of Security.
Independent contractors can quit and stop working unexpectedly without co-employment companies.

Limited Control.
Engaging with independent contractors will give you less control over their productivity as they usually operate autonomously.

Compliance with Local Labor Laws.
Since the labor laws and taxation vary in different countries, your talent from an overseas market will not be protected by your country’s domestic agreements.

High Attrition Rate.
Since independent contractors are free to come and go, the quick turnover rate when hiring them is a risk you can possibly face



Benefits of Directly Hiring With Satellite Teams

Cost Savings.
SMBs save up to 70% of their operating expenses with our flat and cost-effective pricing.

Unlike hiring contractors, you’re guaranteed to get committed full-time remote employees with a 90-day replacement policy.

Legal Compliance and Taxation.
No need to worry about the labor laws and local taxation compliance nightmares — we will handle everything for you.

Adherence to Employee Mandated Benefits.
From social security to healthcare benefits, we are equipped to handle locally mandated benefits so you don’t have to.

Non-disclosure Agreement.
Your company’s vital information is safe with our Satellite Team Members through our employee non-disclosure agreements.

Highly Competent Candidates.
We’ve worked with the biggest names in the industry to identify successful candidate profiles, screening tools, and training programs to ensure the you only match with the best talent in the world.


Directly hiring a person can be beneficial as you have more control over the employee.

Hiring international talent may come with various disadvantages, but with our hassle-free direct hiring process at Satellite Teams, you can quickly and compliantly hire the best global talent with zero risks and even more benefits for your company.

Learn how we can help you take your business to the next level by getting exclusive access to the world's top candidates.

Got any questions? Consult with our team today!

Got any questions?
Consult with our team today!

Got any questions? Consult with our team today!

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