Global Talent Preferences 2022


Between the remnants of the global pandemic, “the great resignation”, and the economic slump, there has never been a more difficult time to attract and retain valuable talent than today. While most employers stay the same, some are forced to re-evaluate their values and adapt to changes that enhance candidate experiences based on their motivations. So let’s explore the top talent preferences this year to get a better understanding of what candidates look for in employers.

51% of applicants research the company’s reputation before applying, and most of them utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok to explore.

69% of candidates are satisfied with their most recent job application experience and the top application channels they prefer to use are 68% job boards, 60% HR emails, and 47% company website.

The study also shows that the top three aspects candidates consider when applying for jobs are:

  • Employee Engagement, Growth & Development
  • Leadership & Organizational Competence
  • Compensation and Benefits

Other company benefits that are important to applicants are:

65% Health & insurance, 61% Flexible hours, 50% Additional PTO, 48% Remote work, 42% Free food, 39% Mental health programs, 33% Retirement, 29% Fitness perks, 25% Academic assistance

Lastly, the study suggests that the preferred working set up by candidates are:

37% Remote work

33% On-site

31% Hybrid

Source: Modern Workforce Report 2022 by TalentView

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