Ways To Deal With The Paralegal Talent Shortage

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Ways To Deal With The Paralegal Talent Shortage

Personal injury law firms are finding themselves short on skilled paralegals because of the current state of the US economy and post-pandemic effects to the industry. You are not alone! Everyone's feeling the talent crunch. But the truth is that the world is never actually short of talented paralegals. You just have to step up your game as an employer to allow them to reach the potential they desire.

Crisis To Opportunity: Ways To Future-Proof Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Being in business for years, I’ve learned that crises are inevitable in any venture. Challenges such as economic downturns, competition in the labor market, mass resignations, and even global health emergencies can take a toll on your business when you’re not expecting it.

The Future of Property Management Staffing: How Are Successful Management Companies Leveraging Remote Talent?

Let’s face it—we are in a digitally-driven world where the traditional staffing model is no longer the only option for companies to expand their team’s capacity. And with the rise of technology in property management, I’ve seen how firms in the industry have adapted to the new era of work and are realizing the opportunities in leveraging global talent through remote staffing.

Hiring Remote Employees: Is It For Your Community Association Management Company?

For most growing companies, hiring remote employees is a cost-efficient way to support their operations, improve their customer service, expand their services and increase their profits. But for the highly demanding field of community association management (CAM), we’ll see that there are plenty of both opportunities and obstacles that must be considered when deciding whether or not to pursue hiring remote, international talent.

How to Win the Legal Talent War

Let's face the facts–the skyrocketing demand for skilled workers is forcing legal firms to face the tough task of keeping talent on their side while also attracting new ones. The problem is that it’s costing them more valuable resources such as time and money to do so. But what do you do to make sure you don't lose your staff, attract the best talent, and stay on top of the competition?

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