Paralegals play a vital role in any law firm’s success. Our unique single platform at Satellite Teams lets you find, hire, and manage the top paralegals in the world to help your firm reach next-level growth.

Boost Your Law Firm’s Efficiency With Top-Caliber Remote Paralegals

Helps You Streamline Your Firm’s Operations

Our full-time remote paralegals are trained to do a wide variety of tasks accurately and efficiently. From conducting legal research to assisting with client billing, you can rely on our paralegal rockstars.

Provides Cost-Effective Legal Assistance

With qualified remote paralegals on your team, your law firm can save up to 70% on overhead cost while still providing the best quality legal services that satisfy your valuable clients.

Builds Long-Lasting Client Relations

Keep your clients happy with world-class paralegals dedicated to providing case updates, scheduling appointments, answering questions, tracking important deadlines, and communicating concerns.

Reach Your Company’s Highest Potential With Remote Global Talent

Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Need more manpower? We have dedicated remote support staff trained to help your existing team members with administrative, marketing, accounting, IT, and operational responsibilities.

Attract & Retain More Business

With our top caliber global talent experienced in Property Management customer service, your company can provide timely and successful client support services for your valued rental property owners and tenants.

Save Thousands on Overhead Costs

By helping you hire remote Property Management professionals from anywhere in the world, our cost-effective direct hiring process at Satellite Teams lets you save up to 70% on overhead cost.

Your Next Successful Paralegal Remote Hire

Demand Writer

R. Dantez


R. is an experienced paralegal and has served the industry for 7 years. She is known to provide exceptional legal support to seasoned attorneys as she constantly works on complex corporate, civil litigation, and personal injury cases.


As a certified paralegal, R. is skilled in legal research, document drafting, case management, and client relations. She has a deep understanding of legal procedures, stays updated on federal and state regulations in the U.S., and is adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously.


R. is a former paralegal in a prestigious law firm in Washington D.C. She has a bachelor's degree in legal management and is a certified paralegal. R. has worked on a wide range of legal matters, including civil litigation, corporate, and personal injury cases.

Legal Specialist

K. Santos


K. has been successfully working in the legal landscape for 5 years. She is proficient in Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel and is comfortable using online tools to assist with comprehensive legal cases virtually. She can take ownership of tasks and projects, seeing them through to completion.


K. is a legal professional knowledgeable in laws and regulations in the U.S. She is familiar with tools such as Coupa, Salesforce, TSYS, Verint, Broadridge, CCD, Metastor, ActiveStore, and Intralinks. She’s organized, resilient, and great in a fast-paced environment that is required in the challenging space of the legal industry.


K is a former legal administrative assistant who has climbed up the ladder. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from her home country. K. has successfully worked with multiple law firms from a few different states.

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